Welcome to Scramlets!

Hello, human, and welcome to the home page for Scramlets!

Scramlets is an iOS app that we built for you to enjoy.  We like it very much, and we think that you will, as well. Unless you don’t like words. What’s up with people who don’t like words? You like words, don’t you? Of course you do!

Scramlets is easy to pick up, but difficult to put down. Not as difficult as we’d like it to be – turns out, you can’t make an app that seeps glue out of the edges of the screen. We went through several phones before we gave up on that idea. Remember kids, not every idea is a winner! And some require surgery to fix.

We’ve included over 6,500 six-letter words in the app, and they run the gamut from easy words like ‘bobbed’ to trickier words like ‘xylene’! Seriously does anyone know what a ‘xylene’ is? Well, we do, but we had to look it up.

Game play is super easy – just find the words of three or more letters, and find at least one six letter word to move on to the next round. Simple, right? Well, don’t blame us if you get stuck on ‘xylene’.  We already gave you a heads-up on that one.

We tested the crap out of this thing, but if you find something that smells like a bug, just drop us a ticket on the Support page. Or if you’d like to submit a word for inclusion or removal, you can do that as well. Just consult your local dictionary first please.